AutoMotion Now Delivers Customers Directly to Dealership Lots for Transaction  


AutoMotion’s Get a Car Experience uses A.I. to automate the on-the-lot process for customers who have selected a dealership vehicle with AutoMotion

San Francisco, CA – (June 11th, 2019) AutoMotion, the leader in mobile app technology for automotive retail, announced today the roll-out of its automated consumer delivery technology. Using A.I. and a network of 3,500 dealer partners, AutoMotion automates the process for customers who have selected a vehicle with AutoMotion and are ready to transact.

AutoMotion announced today the success of its beta customer retailing program. Select partner dealerships involved in the program have been delivered AutoMotion customers using the AutoMotion Get a Car Experience. AutoMotion delivers the customer, along with deal specifics, to an assigned salesperson in real-time, permitting a seamless experience for the customer when arriving at the dealership. AutoMotion’s A.I. technology is completely automated, anonymous, and pairs the dealership and customer via AutoMotion’s platform in real-time.

“The team developing the Get a Car Experience is re-imagining automotive retail and I’m extremely proud of how they’ve blended consumer expectation and the retail dealership experience,” said Ben Anderson, AutoMotion CEO. “Our goal is to reach today’s car buyer and offer them a buying experience they’re comfortable with when obtaining their next transportation option.”

Over 1,000 customer deliveries have been completed under the beta program and AutoMotion is rolling the program out nation-wide in Q3.

Cars for Sale – AutoMotion is a free platform for consumers available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on AutoMotion, please visit

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About AutoMotion:

AutoMotion simplifies the process for consumers looking to buy, lease, or subscribe to their next vehicle. AutoMotion is the fastest growing suite of consumer-focused automotive apps for the App Store and Google Play store. The AutoMotion network includes over 3,500 approved franchise dealerships. Dealers on the AutoMotion network provide AutoMotion shoppers and owners a simplified, app-based, personal experience tailored to their individual requirements. More information on AutoMotion can be found at


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